Wednesday, 7 August 2013


After leaving Middle Percy on Friday 2nd August we did a daylight run to Scawfell Island.
On Saturday lunch was at the lovely anchorage at Goldsmith Island then by nightfall we had tucked into the lee of Shaw island after a slow sail in a dying breeze.
It is now Wednesday the 7th of August and we are in Abel Point Marina catching up on the washing, food supplies and -well overdue-, this blog!
Our first engineering problem has shown up with the voltage regulator on the engine alternator tossing it in a couple of days ago. The diagnosis was made with the help of a local auto electrician. Of course the part (Mastervolt Alpha Pro 24 volt regulator) has to come in from overseas so we will be relying on the generator for the next week or so to keep the batteries charged and the beers cold.

Last night we had a great night on board with our Tassie friends Cheryl and Roger Hart who are touring in their van.

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