Monday, 26 August 2013

Almost two weeks since our last update. So sorry; but we have been a tad busy!

Hamilton Island Race Week 2013 was the 30th anniversary of the event and Allusive was lucky to have some very good friends as crew who all competed with enthusiasm and a high level of skill. By the end of the event we all were getting a feel for the boat (and the big kite). The event was the calmest in history with winds mostly below 10 knots and getting to know where the currents were and how the breezes were affected by the islands played a big part in where you finished in the fleet, with our finish positions(and handicap) improving dramatically towards the end. Out of a fleet of 34 in cruising Division 2 we finished as low as 32nd and as high as 5th, with a final position in the top half. We were happy with this.

Di and I were joined by Tim and Sue Gourlay, Alan and Carol Hardman, Annette and Andrew Fullard for all six races and Tim Freeman for three.

There were 6 Tassie boats entered this year and we all enjoyed a Tassie night out together.

Piers and Sarah Findlay purchased an Elliot 7 sight unseen and sailed it to within half a point of winning their division.

Rodney and Chris Smart won the non spinnaker Cruising Division 1 in Smart Choice

An incredible effort by the Tasmanian crews.

 on our way to the first start
After the finish of race 6 
 all the crew together

 Andy the tactician
 Stay clear of the end of the runway please!
 It did get busy sometimes
 A whale lazing on the surface

"Smart Choice" the Hunter 50 of Rodney and Christine Smart

Our equivalent of sitting on the windward rail
 rocks make good rounding marks

 Susie Gourlay first time racer
going home to give the kids some tips
 There goes Bob
 H I Yacht Club
 Annette on brace ( note the boats behind!!!)
 Big Tim on kite sheet
 Little Tim on main sheet and foredeck (young mans job)

OOPS! someone missed the corner! (no damage on recovery)
 Hammo marina

 350 feet of private yacht -owner leased Wild Oates X for the regatta
 Alan and Carol

 View from the crews shore side accommodation

 The Keg ran out before we made it to Whitehaven (day before race day 1)

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  1. A great time had by all, I think. And a hardy thanks to John and Di for the invite!
    Andy F.