Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Great Keppel Island to the Percys

We spent another three nights at Great Keppel along with about 20 other cruisers after a great night at Keppel Bay Marina catching up with Di's niece Kellie and family.
The weather had been blowing 25 to 30 offshore while we waited at GKI but we were in no hurry to move on as there was lots of good company and every night was BBQ night on the beach thanks to Pete who lives on his boat in the anchorage. He had furnished the site with scrounged furniture and provided the firewood in return for a bit of tucker around the BBQ. We did a couple of walks and one night lindy Svensen from the island brought along a guitar and a cruiser brought along a banjo to everyone's great enjoyment.
Lindy and her husband do a lot to keep the tracks open on the island and she hand paints a lot of directions and little poems on the granite stones around the tracks. As a thank you about 10 of us gave them a hand the next morning clearing up some fire hazards around their property. I couldn't help myself...another working bee!
finally on the 29th we left GKI for the Percys in loose company with Greg and Karen on Entice.
We did the 100 miles in 12 hours and Entice (Grainger 43 cat) managed to do it in 11 hours.
 One of Lindy's 50 or so hand painted stones
 Pete' s BBQ campsite (all welcome)
Part of the working Bee at Svensens

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