Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Pentacost Island

Sunday 12th July Pentacost Island

After a quick run ashore to drop off a few bits we set sail for Pentacost Island. This island is world famous for the land diving which happens in April, May and June and is done to ensure the yam harvest is successful. We were sorry we were too late to see this but the people and the magnificent waterfall at Betara (waterfall Bay) were worth the stop. A local lady (Jessie) looked after us and took us up to the waterfall and to the local laundry pool. A very picturesque village with lots of rules for visiting whites as the tourists fly in here to watch the land diving and the locals don’t like you straying off the approved tracks until they work you out. By the afternoon we must have received the tick of approval because Jessie told us we were free to move about on our own…

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