Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Tamar to Sydney

Thursday May 14 to Thursday May 21

The weather in Bass Strait for the 2 weeks prior to our departure
 had been pretty ordinary with almost continuous gale force winds
 up to 50 knots. Fortunately it finally moderated for the day of our
departure and we left at 1100 on the 21st in a SW of about 20 knots
 with a conservative rig of 2 reefs and No.3 headsail.

We have been very lucky in having good family and friends who have
volunteered to look after the house, farm, pets and business. Our thanks
 to Donelda, Deb and Dale, Steve and Jenny, Mark, Louise and Rob.

Dolphins off Botany Bay
Another Sunset


Onboard we have a lot of donations collected from
businesses and individuals around Launceston
including medical supplies from St Johns Ambulance,
clothing and educational supplies from Scotch Oakburn,
 reading glasses, sunglasses, baby clothes from the playgroup
 at Coles Bay, bed linen from Kathy,fishing gear and nails
 from Ken, fishing gear from Tamar Marine, maths books
from Launceston Church Grammar School and in Sydney
 we picked up 5 computers destined for a school in Port Vila
 plus a heap more clothing from Andrew and his mates.
 These will be distributed to villagers, schools and medical
clinics throughout Vanuatu.

The run across Bass Strait was uneventful, with a conservative
3rd reef during the night. The wind held in for the first 20 hours
 but dropped out quickly just after dawn and we motor sailed 
off and on for the rest of the journey to Sydney.
 For those interested in statistics the trip took 3 days and 3 hours
 to cover 545 n. miles and we motored for nearly 40 hours!

Once in Sydney we took up residence at the CYCA
 which is only a short walk to Andrews apartment.
 The week quickly disappeared with final grocery shop for
staples to last for up to 3 months, fuel, catching up with friends
 and arranging to pick up a water maker, medical cover, offshore
 insurance and customs clearance arrangements.

We are now on a flight to Surfers for a couple of days to have a
 look at the Sanctuary Cove boat show and to catch up with some
 ex Louisiades rally friends.
A bit hard to knock back $45 fares!  We have arranged to clear
 Customs on Monday but may delay this by a day as the forecast
 is for basically no wind on Monday and don't want to motor all
the way to Lord Howe Island

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