Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Some info about our planned trip to the Louisiades.

We first read about the rally in a magazine earlier this year and decided that it sounded like fun. The aim of the rally is to have fun and leave the places and people in a better state than when we arrive. Embedded in this was the idea of helping the local community. Each boat in the rally is asked to take “goods” to trade or give as donations to the locals. Due to the generosity of many companies and individuals in Launceston, Allusive is stocked to the gunwales, all lockers and storage areas are full with many items to be left at the islands. 

Some of these items include “out of date” medical supplies (dressings etc  along with nearly 3000! Band-Aids), fishing line and lures and rods, diving gear, school clothing, caps, re cycled colouring pencils, school supplies, ropes and small boat sails, sunscreens, cosmetics, reading glasses, knitted teddy bears, hair clips and much more.

We would like to thank the following people (in no order) for their generous donations.

Robyn – C.H. Smith, Adrian West, Eleanor Niles, Andrew Joyce, Steve Duncan – Staples, the girls at St John First Aid Supplies, Tim – Tamar Marine, Paul & Sharon Ellis- Paul Ellis Agencies, David & Michelle Coates, Martin and staff – Kings Meadows Capital Chemist, Mitch – Almasts, Kevin & Vicki, Maria Chan, Vinnies - Youngtown, Scotch Oakburn School Shop, Richard Grant, Ken & Wendy Gourlay, Kay Dawson and her knitters, Kate – Priceline Launceston.

Once again thank you all.



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